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The best neighborhoods in Portland

Portland is one of the greatest cities to live in the US, whether you choose it to study, work, for its food or for the great entertainment here. When looking for one of those apartments Portland OR you should think about a few things, but location is the first thing to come in mind. The perfect location is the most important thing to chase in real estate, and not without a good reason: the best location will have you close to everything you need; a good location is always safer and always nicer. However, since the center of the city is always the priciest one, you can choose from other several good locations!

Choosing the best neighborhood is all about your personal priorities, of course, but you should keep in mind that all neighborhoods listed below have great apartment offers, and you can surely find something for your own style!

The Downtown Area

The Downtown Area is one of the best areas in Portland, of course, but is especially famous for its public transportation and small number of cars. If you choose to look for an apartment downtown, you will be at walking distance from almost everything! This area is the best for those who do not own a car or like to be in proximity to everything!

The Pearl District

The Pearl District is one of the best neighborhoods in Portland, being an upscale area with many private apartment complexes and beautiful houses. The area is especially famous for its delicious food and numerous restaurants. The neighborhood is quite expensive, but the interesting and delicious restaurants, the people, the live here make it all worth it!

The Concordia Neighborhood

The Concordia neighborhood is perfect for you if you are a culture lover! The artsy neighborhood is going to keep you entertained at all times and in touch with culture and art. You will find here many flats and condos at reasonable prices, but you will surely fall in love with the numerous galleries. Plus, there are great music venues, bars and restaurants here, along with little coffee shops and boutiques.

The Healy Heights

This is one of the best Portland neighborhoods for the families! The area is ranked as an outstanding one in the school department. The area offers great, spacious apartments, houses and condos at good prices. The family-oriented neighborhood is perfect for stable persons that think about marriage or are already married!

The Northwest

The Northwest is the neighborhood for the young and single people who are looking to have fun! The area is the one where most of the single people live, and where they have fun as well! You, as a single person, or as an adventurous couple, can have a lot of fun in clubs and cafes and you can go shopping or try the great restaurants. There are many condos and apartments for rent or sale here, so there is plenty to visit!